MapMkt brings exclusive augmented reality apps to Brazil

MapMkt brings exclusive augmented reality apps to Brazil

Jointly with Augmented Pixels (Ukraine) and Snaps! (USA), the brazilian company offers mobile solutions for advertising and digital engagement

Try to imagine a platform that connects the material to the virtual world by the simple use of a tablet screen or a mobile smartphone.

An easy and interactive way to observe the internal details of a new car, trying new sunglasses or a different outfit of your favorite brand, strike a pose with your music idol, custom photos, explore houseplants or blueprints of the house you want to buy, and even testing if that sofa fits perfectly on your living room by a virtual image.

How about an exciting advertising and engagement action that allows users to produce, edit and share content in the social networks like Instagram and Facebook? Many brands are already using these technologies to impact their audiences around the globe.

And these are just some useful samples of the augmented reality solutions provided by MapMkt in Brazil. The company based in São Paulo has made international agreements with the startups Augmented Pixels (Ukraine) and Snaps! (USA). Their apps are successful cases of a market that MapMkt’s CEO, Paulo Hartmann, has researched for years. “We meet the demand of B2B and B2C customers offering exclusive zero cost solutions for the final users of Android and iOS systems”, says Hartmann.

Beyond the simple photo-booth apps, Snaps! allows users to virtually photograph side by side with mascots, celebrities and brands through friendly edition tools, according to each campaign, keeping high quality at the end. For Hartmann, “the fact that we can custom images with Instagram’s smilar filters is very relevant, once they’re associated with the current repertoire of social network users. With Snaps!, it’s possible to expand this excellent graphic range that Instagram already offers”.

On the other hand, Augmented Pixels apps can be fantastic sales tools for the real state, automotive and hotel markets. They allow users to get into details of  internal spaces and surrounding areas in high resolution 3D, from different angles, everywhere and anytime they want. The interface with gyro sensors and accelerometers provides an intense immersion experience, far beyond  the simple panoramic views you can have using a mouse or a touchscreen technology. It’s about physical moves: this is what guarantees higher levels of attention among users.

Vitaliy Goncharuk, CEO of Augmented Pixels, underscores the product’s differentials. “The technology we use shows 40-50% better results than competitors’ products as it is adapted to demonstrate architectural models in environments with different lighting”. In turn, Vivian Rosenthal, CEO of Snaps, mentions Brazil’s growing number of digital users and its interesting opportunities for creative omnichannel marketing. “Snaps is excited to team up with MapMkt as they continue to bring innovative marketing solutions to the Brazilian market”, says Rosenthal.

About MapMkt

MapMkt is a 100% national company that offers innovative solutions and strategies in map systems, indoor geolocation and augmented reality for diverse sectors of brazilian market.

Bachelor of Marketing and Advertising, with a large experience as an image, sound and knowledge designer, the company’s CEO Paulo Hartmann is an experienced international researcher who explores new concepts  and projects of mobility for more than 10 years in the above mentioned areas.

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